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Samarie Christian Church



The mission of our church is to bring healing (spiritual and physical),hope and prosperity to believers and non-believers.

We are committed to the mission of making God's love known to all humanity by providing hope and healing through the Word of God.

Samarie Christian Goals:

1. To help people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
2. To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the proclamation God's Word.
3. To teach the Word of God and provide insight so that transformation may occur in the lives of people.
4. To place a special emphasis on the work of evangelism, especially to communities within close proximity of our church.
5. To provide fellowship opportunities similar to the First Century church.
6. To help the poor and oppressed of the earth to become self-sufficient.
7. To equip fellow believers for Christian service.
8. To illustrate and demonstrate the benefits from obeying God's Word.

Music Ministry

The Ministry of Music is one of the most vital ministries in the local church and should be viewed as a sacred office. Discovering your call begins with a DESIRE to be used by God to impact the local church and the world around you.

Here at Samarie Christian church we strive for greatness to worship lord and teach individuals to utilize their talents.

Media Ministry

The objective of the Media Ministry is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually-driven, ever-changing world through the use of technology and media, and to equip other ministries of the church to use digital and electronic media as a worship and outreach tool. By this we are aiming to enhance the worship experience, communicating with the congregation, extending the congregation beyond the walls of the church, and proliferating the message.

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Volunteer Groups

Here at Samarie Christian Church The mission of the Usher Ministry is to accommodate every Worshiper who enters the church with a seat in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible.  

Kid's Ministry

The kids ministry is a fun learning experience that teaches children about the Word of God in so many different ways. Children are learning about God through arts and crafts, music and games. This encourages children to be interested in  the Word of God. 

Worship Ministry

Samarie Christian has a Christ-like ministry committed to spirit filled worship founded in prayer, humility, and unity, as a part of a generation of worshipers that seeks to glorify God in preparation for His coming. Our objective  is to glorify God through our God given musical talents. To invite the Holy Spirit into Samarie's’ congregation. Build each other up as a family of worship leaders.

Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry is a Gospel-centered ministry that focus on seeing the youth building a connection with Jesus and being committed to our community church. Our monthly curriculum involves leadership development, Life skills development, counseling, bible study, daily
devotions, and field-trips. Our aim is for each youth to feel a sense of joy and curiosity when leaning about Jesus and Spirit-Empowered to do the work of God.

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