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Samrie Christian Church

About us

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Samarie Christian Church


Samarie Christian Church is a gathering of ordinary people who are growing together as followers of Jesus.


As you get to know us, you will notice we have an emphasis on community. We trust you will feel comfortable getting to know other people during our informal gathering before our Sunday worship service. You will notice we have an emphasis on worship. Jesus is at the center of our attention. While we are sure you will enjoy our worship team, our goal is to understand how to worship in all we do. The music is excellent, but simply a means to allow us to express in the deepest and most personal way our appreciation of who God is and what He means to us.


You will notice we have an emphasis on growing as followers of Jesus. Our teaching is based on the Bible and our passion is not to just become smarter but to apply what we learn. We take seriously Jesus' command to make disciples and so our church activities have some component of being a disciple or making disciples.


As you begin to attend regularly, you will notice that we have a team of teachers. The reason for this is that as a community based church we believe the work of the church is to be done by people of the church. Focused on the community aspect of growing together in Christ, many of our gatherings are interactive. We believe that this is one of the best ways to learn about and apply the Word of God to our lives.

Continue to browse our website and learn more about the different ministries and distinctive history of our church. Better yet, come visit and discover for yourself a place to help you grow.

our pastors and Leaders:
Rodin Alexis

Lead Pastor

Cindky Alexis

Music Director

Ricky Alexis

Associate Pastor

Nicole Alexis

First Lady and Choir Director

Nicky Alexis

Youth President

Denise Alexis

Worship Leader

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